New David Blaine Live Poster

This is new poster art for David Blaine Live. I bought it at his show last week in Hollywood, CA. $20 for the poster or you can get a large program ($30) with this and some other poster art from the same artist (Mark Stutzman of Eloqui). I like the retro feel of it! I’m not a fan of demon imagery, though 😦 I like the black crow because David showed us his crow called Drow that he was training to be in his act (in one of his TV specials)…. Maybe he will learn something like swooping in and grabbing a deck of cards with his feet, or stealing a card with his beak. No sign of him in this show.

The program is oversized, like a very small poster size (9.5 x 13 inches). It’s printed on great paper and includes an embossed spade symbol on the back cover. See my photo of it on Instagram (ellens_animations). You could cut it out and put it on your wall. It’s pretty cool – a different color scheme than he usually uses (black and silver/white): a pale sky blue background and a dark creme spade.

I like this photo:

David Blaine sexy photo

Sexy tour bus photo of David Blaine πŸ˜‰

There is also a page in the David Blaine Live program book with this inspirational quote:

David Blaine inspirational quote

David Blaine inspirational quote

I liked the program book, but I think for $30 it should be ALL NEW photos and just the new poster art because the older posters are readily available online and in his book.

David Blaine Live Show Review – Hollywood 2018


Before the David Blaine show in Hollywood

I am just now back from my trip to Hollywood! Traffic between Vegas and LA was crazy because now it’s Memorial Day Weekend.

I am bummed that I missed seeing David in the lobby 😦 I worked all day the day before the trip to create a new animation about him and wanted to hand him a post card with the link on it… I’m trying to get more freelance animation work!!! But instead of surprising people in the lobby, he went to the upper balcony seats before the show. I saw someone’s photo on Instagram 😦 Am super sads about this 😦

Really. Very. Sad. Watch my fun animation on YouTube: “Why does David Blaine sew his lips shut?”


Watch my new David Blaine video on YouTube

Since this is the THIRD David Blaine Live show that I’ve seen, it was mostly the same for me. But instead of Ari from America’s Got Talent doing Rubik’s cube tricks, David had a kid’s magician do an opening act. I’m not a kid person, so this was a snooze for me.

Sexy Part of the David Blaine Show

The only sexy part of the show was when he unbuttoned his shirt – to reveal a black T-shirt underneath ;( Some girls screamed anyway. LOL.

David Blaine held his breath for 10 minutes and 19 seconds. He told us this was a personal best for him on this tour.

The show seemed shorter and more impersonal to me. Partly because I didn’t pay for VIP tickets this time so I didn’t see him up close. I think my favorite of the 3 shows I’ve seen was my very first, Colorado Springs. He talked to the audience a lot at the end, answering questions and telling us about his mom, who died of cancer just before he became a famous magician (with his ABC TV specials). This time, I remember him saying his mom was his hero. Sweet!

My Favorite David Blaine Trick in the Live Show

I still enjoyed the puzzle piece trick in David Blaine’s live show a lot! And hearing the crowd go wild during his gross out tricks: sewing his lips shut and sticking himself with an ice pick.

He also swallowed 2 frogs this time, instead of just one. David assured us the frogs are still alive and well (let’s hope so….).

David looked very good. I think he’s fitter than in 2017. He always wears exactly the same black clothes, so no fashion review needed!

Celebrity Sighting at the Hollywood Show

I saw one celebrity, Paris Hilton. She was being very visible, laughing and posing for selfies with some of the ushers (at the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard – where they have The Oscars). The photo is on Instagram and on Daily Mail Online. I like Paris = fashionable and fun! She is definitely a Fairy. You can read about the different spiritual types of people on this blog. Fairies like to party and are delicate and flirty and giggily. Their mission on Earth is to help the environment and most are very into animals and pets (I know she loves dogs and exotic pets.). I have actually seen Paris before, at a club when I lived in Hollywood.


The show was at the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Blvd.

No card tricks in this show.

Speaking of Hollywood, going back for this show is making me want to move back very badly!!! I only left because I got very sick 😦 And the price of apartments in my old neighborhood by The Grove and Farmer’s Market has doubled. I can leave my Vegas apartment when my lease is up in August. I DEFINTELY will be moving because these apartments are crazy – very loud and lots of drug activity, even though it’s a very upscale, brand new complex. I am thinking about either a) getting some kind of low-cost animation certificate to help me get more freelance jobs and moving as close to Hollywood as I can afford or b) moving overseas to Germany – I just got into a graduate school program for GeoScience which is an Environmental Science! and Germany gives you money for your living expenses ($900/month) and keeps college costs super low (about $500 a semester) or c) staying in Vegas and just moving to a quieter condo or townhome. Maybe become a teacher? I could get a temporary teaching license through a program called ARL (you just need a bachelor’s degree and a few months of classes that cost $500, plus jump through a few more hoops). There aren’t many environmental jobs in Vegas, which is what my bachelor’s degree is in.


David Blaine street art, outside the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles.

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Psychic Predictions for Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Last night, Entertainment Tonight did an interview with Princess Diana’s favorite psychic, Simone Simmons. Diana was good friends with her and often had her over for a visit in her apartment at Kensington Palace – the same palace Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will live at after the royal wedding. The psychic, like a lot of people, doesn’t get a good feeling about this marriage!

Her prediction is that Prince Harry’s marriage will end in divorce. Simone says Princess Diana is worried about how Prince Harry will cope with the breakup. He’s quite sensitive and needs someone to lean on. The psychic predicts Meghan Markle will get bored with Harry and move on to someone else.

I can totally see this, too. Megahn is excited about all the hoopla now, but I think she’d rather be with someone more social and popular (but equally as rich and famous, so maybe another celebrity!).

Simone picked up on Meghan’s love of her giant diamond ring. She said in the engagement interview and photos, Meghan is often showing off the ring. Contrast this to Prince William and Kate’s relationship. They seem to mesh, giving each other lots of eye contact and meaningful looks. Think about it – they’d known each other for years and years by the time of their engagement, and were even college roommates. Harry’s rush to the altar is more akin to the disastrous marriage of his parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

I feel bad for Prince Harry 😦

Simone Simmons also said one ofΒ Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends would have made a good wife for him. I’m guessing it’s Chelsy Davy, the blonde South African lawyer/jewelry designer. That was his first girlfriend, and reportedly he even asked his dad, Prince Charles, about marrying Chelsy but he thought Harry was too young (college-aged).

Watch the video from Entertainment Tonight of these royal wedding psychic predictions.

Countdown to David Blaine Show in Los Angeles: 17 Days


I see from my blog statistics that a lot of people are coming here to read my reviews of David Blaine Live shows from 2017!

I will be at his Hollywood show on May 24th! It’s listed as Los Angeles, but it’s really in Hollywood = where I used to live. It’s on Hollywood Blvd.

I created this cartoon David Blaine character in GoAnimate which is now called Vyond (worst name change ever!). It looks so much like him. I am thinking of how to create some sort of animated gift to give him, with this character.

If you don’t know, David will be greeting fans and posing for selfies before the show starts, in the lobby πŸ™‚

Did you see him on the Jimmy Fallon show last week? You can find the video easily online: watch David Blaine now. He sews his lips shut = gross.

If you want a cartoon character in a video like this for yourself (great for YouTube), hire me on Fiverr or Upwork.

New Blog Focus

I am changing things up again with my social media!

New Instagram name: fairy_environmentalist

More changes coming! I am not having much luck doing Tarot card readings online, so I am going to focus more on my freelance work: cartoon animations and illustrations. I am already on Fiverr and Upwork, and I’m going to change over my Etsy shop πŸ™‚

I have added a link to my online art portfolio to the top of the page.

Video: Boji Stone

Boji Stones = Very Energizing

I bought this new stone during my weekend trip to Flagstaff in northern AZ. It’s a boji ball which is very energized sandstone. You can also buy these in Sedona, which is about one hour south of Flagstaff and has a lot of red rock formations and an intense energy grid. I went to Sedona 2 years ago and the energy there gave me a headache! But it’s supposed to be very healing.

New Doreen Virtue Book: Saints and Angels

I was just looking around on Amazon, and I stumbled upon Doreen Virtue’s new book: Saints & Angels: A Guide to Heavenly Help for Comfort, Support, and Inspiration.

Saints and Angels book cover

Doreen Virtue’s newest book!

Saints and Angels came out in March (2018) and is one of Doreen Virtue’s LAST BOOKS she will ever write for Hay House, the big metaphysical publishing company. Doreen no longer has a writing contract with Hay House!

I looked at the book sample forΒ Saints and Angels on The book is very heavy on Biblical references. Every couple paragraphs there is another Bible quote or scripture to look up.

The first chapter is not about saints OR angels; it’s about JESUS! And God. And the Holy Spirit. Part 1 is titled “The Holy Trinity.” See the images below of the book’s contents.

Book contents for Saints and Angels

Book contents (part 1)

In the dedication, Doreen thanks Jesus for saving her.

Doreen Virtue thanks Jesus

Book dedication in Angels and Saints

I wish Doreen had become CHRISTIAN without becoming BORN AGAIN, if you know what I mean.

As always, I am impressed by what a prolific writer she is. The girl gets stuff done!

My only quibble, besides that the book mostly promotes Jesus and the Bible, is that Doreen is not CATHOLIC, yet she is writing about the saints. I mean, it’s kind of weird. Especially since the born-again, non-denominational Christian churches HATE Catholics and all things Catholic! Such as rosaries, the saints and statues of the Virgin Mary. I know because I went to those churches while I was living in The South and I heard all the hate first-hand!

Nonetheless, I will check out Doreen’s book about the saints at the bookstore and see what she wrote about my favorite saints like St. Francis of Assisi, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Joan of Arc, St. Patrick and my patron saint, Saint Therese of Lisieux.

List of saints in Doreen Virtue book

Book contents (part 2)

List of saints in Doreen Virtue book

Book contents (part 3)


Interested in buying Saints and Angels by Doreen Virtue? If you buy it from this link to the Hay House website, I get a little bit of money πŸ˜‰

Or click the box below to find this book on the Hay House website.